September 28, 2017. Awareness event on Alinjagala Fortress at the State Migration Service of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic


On September 28, 2017, Thursday, the State Migration Service of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic held an awareness event on Alinjagala Fortress with the participation of foreigners and stateless persons that settled in the Republic.

Elvin Javadov, official of the State Migration Service of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic opened the ceremony and spoke about the significance of the event.

Ali Rzayev, official of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism took the floor and spoke about the fortress that is located on the right side of the Alinjachay, on the top of the mountain of the same name in Khanagah settlement of Julfa region. “It is the notable sample of Nakhchivan-Maragha architectural school”, stated the speaker. “There exist various viewpoints on the construction history of the fortress. Some investigators grounding on the historical sources refer the fortress to two thousand years ago. Alinjagala underwent severe attacks by Hulaku and Amir Teymur’s armies and destructions during battles. The fortress defenders bravely defended it for 14 years from Amir Teymur’s attacks, and the name of Alinjagala went down the history of the country as an unwinnable fortress.  “The fundamental restoration activities in Alinjagala started after the Decree dated 11 February 2014 on “Restoration  of Alinjagala Historical Memorial in Julfa Region” signed by Vasif Talibov, the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis (Assembly) of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The Alinjagala fortress was fully restored, all historical architectural traditions were preserved and Alinjagala Cultural Historical Museum was established”, said the speaker.

A rolling on Alinjagala fortress was demonstrated in the event.

Later, the participants visited the Alinjagala Cultural Historical Museum.

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