Document required for granting work permit to carry out paid labour activity in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan to foreigners and stateless persons


Employer should submit the following documents in order to obtain a work permit:


  • Application form, sample of which approved by relevant executive authority;
  • A copy of passport or other border crossing document of a foreigner and stateless person;
  • A notarized copy of a document confirming that a foreigner and stateless person has the qualification required for fulfilling the considered job;
  • Reference justifying the necessity to employ the foreigner and stateless person in the considered job;
  • A copy of relevant document entitling the foreigner and stateless person, who is in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan on other grounds, to stay in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Employer:
  1. In case of a juridical person – notarized copies of the charter of juridical person and certificates on state registration;
  2. In case of physical person – notarized copies of identification document of the person and certificate of  taxpayer’s registration issued to the physical person;
  • Reference certifying that foreigner or stateless person is not a carrier of virus of any disease (Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, Hepatitis B and C viruses) included in the list of dangerous infectious diseases approved by relevant executive authority;

Work permit is presented to employer after the document certifying payment of the state fee for such permit is submitted.



Application form

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